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I know that I've had this domain for a while now and it's had nothing interesting to look at, but that's only because I get distracted very easily and yeah...I was/am slacking. I am trying to rectify that situation by having something of substance here now, although I doubt that many will look at this page when there are so many out there that are far more content-filled and interesting to feast your eyes on.

name is SDesires (obviously not my RL name but this is the internet after all and there are creepy people out there) And no, I don't mean the creepy as in the oddballs, I rather fit in in well with them, I mean the kidnap you, stuff you in a trunk and kill you types. Those are the types that I would rather not attract.

Anywho, I am just a simple Gen Xer that is reteaching myself how to do all the fun coding stuff that I used to do in the 90's before most of the talented Web Designers of today were born and maybe have a bit more fun in the process. CSS seems to do most of the legwork of the tricks that HTML was used for in that era, and don't get me started on JS. That's going to be a nightmare to learn if I can't find a free tutorial series that doesn't read like stereo instructions!

For the moment I am using the free bootcamp on FrontEnd Masters and have a few other sites bookmarked for after that. So if you want to follow me in my journey, you are more then welcome. If you want to sit there and shake your head at me and laugh at my (most likely) silly mistakes, then you are free to do that as well.

For now, I will have to think of what else to add on here. feel free to email me with any suggestions as I relearn all this

Where I will post my finished coding exercises.
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